How to make money with Shopify use Slingly software

What are the Shopify and Slingly ? 

Shopify is a website, where you can register if you want to sell your products online. If you want to sell stuff they will give you everything, from hosting, domain, design,  payment gateways and everything else you need to start a successful store online. This is not spam or free website generator, it’s professional e-commerce platform, probably one of the best sites to use if you are newbies. You can start making amazing amounts of money on this site if you are smart. There are more than 70,000 people using this site to sell stuff with Shopify, including some huge companies.

Shopify will give you the option to choose among 100 professionally designed themes for your store, and you can always choose another one if you don’t like the current one.
Why would Shopify give you everything so you can just sell and make money?
This is not free, you have to spend some money. Let’s make a comparison. If you want to start your E-commerce site you need at least 600$ for hosting, theme, plugins, setup and everything else. However, If you want to sell on sites like eBay and Amazon, they will take huge fees from every sale, more than 10% of your sales, that’s 20$ on your 200$ product. It is an advantage of Shopify.

Slingly will print at your request, you just upload your design or switch from designs available at other platforms. When it comes to designing on your ecommerce, you just put your customers to your store by running ads or by any means of driving traffic to your website.

Slingly software will automatically divide the shipment, get goods from Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress. Everything is completely automatic
Slingly app will provide beautiful photo templates with high conversion rates for you to run ads on Facebook.

How much does it cost to sell on Shopify?
Shopify is really cheap, you can choose the basic package for the seller, with all options, they will take 1.5% of your sales, that’s a really great price. There is a trail package for you then if you don’t like it, you can just quit without paying money. Of course, there is the premium package with the hottest deal.

How to Make Money With Shopify?

You can go to some site and find some cheap products like watches for women, necklaces then download some photos and description of that product, and you will create your Shopify product with these photos and description you take from that site.
If some item cost 3$ on that site you can sell it for 5$ on Shopify and you can make 1.5$ with every sale.
So when you sell something on Shopify you just take buyer address and go buy this item on the first site and send it to this address from Shopify buyer, that’s called drop shipping.

For example, when you create a product like iPhone, you can find it on Everbuying for 4$ and you can sell it for 10$ on your Shopify store. So you can create a discount code for 20% off, and you can advertise your Discount code on Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. You can also create Facebook stores and sell more stuff there, and it’s free. You can find tons of ideas about Shopify, just create your own Shopify account and methods then make more and more money every day.


Now and then e-commerce business that first appeared in the late 1970’s is well known all over the world.We would like to discuss how to build a successful e-commerce business. To create an online store not too easy, however, if we understand all steps as below, it is not too difficult.
The most of the important thing is that we need to find out good to sell. How to choose what to trade? Market needs is a momentous factor to find out product to sell. Slingly will print your request, you just upload your design or switch from designs available on other platforms.When you have product  to designing on your ecommerce, you just take customers to your store to run ads or any traffic to your website using Slingly app.

Next, we should evaluate our product on several sides as well as: remaining ability, customers’ needs…Then, we have to find out how can get our good, we need to search supply factory.

ecommecer with slingly
After choosing cargo to business, we need to investigate the potential supply good that we have. Moreover, we have to know that who are our competitor and how strong are they? Then, when we have everything about the rival, we able to establish business strategies for ourselves. After all, this is the best time to write business plan through which we can manage online store directly.
Thirdly, when we have the perfect program, we start to set up our enterprise. Name and logo which are as our license are mean things, that why we should choose carefully. Last but not least important is that registering for our online store.

Fourth, we begin to build our online enterprise. We have to write information, take beautiful photos … about our product on our e-commerce business.
After that, we should prepare for launch our store. We need to check overall that we have to advertise our online business passing websites, social networks… Finally, we start welcoming customers and service enthusiastically in order to make huge benefit.

The Slingly will provide beautiful photo templates with high conversion rates for you to run ads on Facebook

To summarize, building our own e-commerce business is not too easy; if we want to have a prosperous online store, we should know how to build it perfectly.